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Gore Verbinski’s Pre-Visualization Process

“Do you storyboard a lot?
Yep, pencil and paper. Sometimes you have a script and sometimes you don’t, but we usually have photos, storyboards, and location photos on a wall. It’s all sorts of things that are influenced by the script. Sometimes after reading a rough draft, I just cant help but to immediately draw. The construction of shots and the sizes of shots is a language. Some movies, like The Weather Man, are not storyboarded, but immediately when we rehearse I’ll take pictures or draw a shot-list for the day.

I don’t like coverage. I like to think of a sequence as how it’s going to be cut, you know. Seeing the close-up for that reaction and building the hour glass where it gets tighter, and just goes bam. Or starting a scene on a close-up where you don’t know where you are. Just knowing the push and pull is the language of shots.”

No computer pre-vis for him.

From Film School Rejects: Here.


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