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Notes form the Indie Panel @TAAFI

At the inaugural TAAFI, Chris Walsh of Mad Labs Productions moderated an excellent discussion on lasting as an independent animator.

Here’s my take-aways:

The decline in fees for licensing and DVD sales require a new model to make sales. The physical media still need to be paid attention to. The decline in collectors was mentioned but I see a rise of artists’ tables at fan-expos and such. These are of personal appearances where artists sign and sell collectables with their fans. But “attendance at festivals is good but expensive.”

The need to persevere. Resubmit the same proposal to grant and funding organizations. The juries change but the administration doesn’t. This is the opposite of festivals so the resubmission rule doesn’t apply.

The need to persevere too. The only way to rise your profile is to be constantly working on your own stuff. “Even if it’s ten minutes a day.”

Learn to code.

Put everything online. Now, most festivals do not require that they screen first. The new paradigm is that the festivals find the work online and ask the filmmaker to screen. Some filmmakers no longer chase festival submissions, just place their work up and grab festival screening if they are offered.

There has been a leveling of presentation with the implementation of digital projection. No longer does the expense of a 35mm print or Digi-Beta tape advantage the work.

The importance of Google Partnership program. By applying, you get advanced analytics to track your audience.


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