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Notes From the Future of the Animation in Ontario @TAAFI

Notes From the Future of the Animation in Ontario @TAAFI

Good points were made. Here’s my take-aways:

The big three: Viacom, Disney and Warners now control the world wide taste and economy of children’s animation. They don’t want what they don’t own all rights to. They may give you a % of the net which is zero. This is a threat to independent animation production company owners. It becomes work for hire. (See the next paragraph.) The broadcasters have money buckets for: internal production, co-production and acquisition. The bucket is big for the first, shrinking for the latter.

Lip service was paid to the need for good writing. Writing and boarding budgets have constantly been cut in recent years and responsibilities for boarders in my experience are increasing. The economies of the industry are important to pay attention to but the work cannot be pushed further as artists are increasingly aware of the rights they are relinquishing and they resist giving their creative to production companies who will be forced to give their content to the broadcasters/ media corporations to profit from. Is it only enough to get a pay cheque while the mega corps reap the reward? My thoughts, not from the panel.

There seems to be a rise of the co-production. The euro is now at only a 20% premium.

Lots of talk about the need for talent esp. boarders. The choice of software at one time up to the boarder and now to help the production. A mention of a new Adobe product, but I can’t confirm this as yet. It may have been a reference to Adobe Story which at my last look, was more a writing and collaboration tool.

The wish of a writers school for animation was mentioned. It is important to note that the Writer’s Guild of Canada is trying to increase animation writers into their ranks. (See reduced cost.)

The online opportunities are growing but not sustaining for production companies at this time. The fact that Netflix is now commissioning live action was mentioned as was Annoying Orange’s big recent success on Cartoon Network. This is the future but how soon the future filters in is unclear.

There was a plea for “entertaining visual storytellers.”

It is heartening to hear Michael Hirsh still refer to his work as cartoons and that artists like Frank Falcone and George Elliot still seem to be drawing/animating.


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