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Stoic Philosophy: Negative Visualization

I’ve recently been reading more about Stoic philosophy. I find it applies to living the freelance life and helps with the anxiety of that life.

Stoic philosophy tells us to always think what could be the negative aspect in any situation. If a thing doesn’t go as planned, what are the consequences and how will that affect my tranquility? This will inform our daily practice by acknowledging the impermanence of things. If an assignment seems to be all encompassing, we realize it will over soon, so we must enjoy the process. Stoicism tells us not get tied up in the outcomes of work- audience acceptance or success- but more the truth to intention.

I used to imagine what would happen if I failed a storyboard test or a job interview. I’d never work again? This proved unreasonable. By going through negative scenarios, I eased my anxiety and learned the value to putting one’s best effort in and abandoning “hope” of praise.